Walls & Toomey


Muriel, I know we have a few more bits and pieces that you will email me about over the next few weeks but thank you so much for all of your help and support over the last year plus, you are always so calm and so sensible (particularly when I was in an “emotional maelstrom”) … and kept me in line, not always saying what I wanted to hear but saying it in the nicest possible way. Thank you!

Mrs P.L., Dublin

Thank you very much for all your excellent work. It really makes sense now how the system works. I am so glad that you were wise enough to hang in there while I was going through that very difficult time. I am very proud of the classy, highly professional team I have and delighted that they are on my side.

Mrs G.R., Dublin

I just wanted to say thank you for all the good work you did for me over the past year or so. You were very professional, diligent and calm at all times which I guess are good attributes for your area of practise. I really appreciate all your efforts and while I hope I am never a repeat customer I would gladly recommend you to anyone who asked.

Mr McA, Co Meath

It was absolutely invaluable having you both on my side for this. Your advices and quality of work were first rate and you can count on me to refer on any business I can to you in your new practice, which I know will be a huge success.

Mr PO’R, Dublin